UniTech Engineering Students Competition

Teams of 2-5 members can apply for the competition, where the task is to design a combine harvester that is capable of performing the tasks given by the engineers of CLAAS.

The teams with the best design get an opportunity to build their machine with the support of CLAAS. They will test the machines at the final during the spring of 2018.
The winner of the competition gets EUR 3,200 and a trip to CLAAS headquarters in Germany, with a company tour.

24. October 2017.

If you have any questions please write an e-mail to info@unitechcompetition.com.

30. November 2017.

Modification of the uploaded file is possible until the deadline. The competitive design, the team presentation and the function test video are required to upload. Please send in your questions until 12:00 (CET) 29. November, the questions received after this time are not guaranteed to be answered.

8. December 2017.

The best 10 teams will be selected and invited to the final. We will start to send the financial support for these teams (EUR 240).

14. December 2017.

The finalist teams and the engineers of CLAAS Hungaria will meet to discuss the project. The Meetup will be video-broadcasted for those who cannot come to Budapest.

9. February 2018.

Factory tour at CLAAS Hungaria, Törökszentmiklós.

3. April 2018.

We would like to make sure that the machine moves controllably on a slalom course. We expect a video of it.

April 2018.

The combine harvesters of the finalist teams will be tested and compared. We provide catering during the day. The teams should take care of the transportation of the machines.


1. prize
and a trip to the headquarters of CLAAS with a company tour
to Harsewinkel, Germany
2. prize
3. prize
320 EUR
Special award for the most innovative construction
Harvesting practice with a CLAAS combine
in Hungary

Call for competition 2018

Teams of maximum 5 persons can apply for the competition.

The competition consists of three rounds

Designing phase

The teams applying for the competition prepare documentation that clearly describes the functioning and the construction of the planned machine combination. The documentation must give detailed technical answer – item by item – to each point of requirement imposed on the combine, the adapter and/or the trailer. There is no other requirement on the form and/or content of the documentation. The Team Presentation would be used for looking up sponsors and partners if the team proceeds to the implementation phase. This will be important to succesfully build the combine. Then, during the function test we expect the real-life tests of the solution principles used in the design that was sent in by the team. At the end of this round (after sending in the designs) the team should send in a video (maximum 10 minutes) that verifies the solution principles and contains functions tests.

Implementation phase

The competitive designs and videos decide the teams that are selected for the final. CLAAS Hungaria provides EUR 240 financial support for each team, regardless the compelxity of their design, furthermore, provides an opportunity to consult at a video-broadcasted meetup. The rest of the resources for the implementation are provided by the team’s sponsors. The competitive designs and videos only decide the teams that are selected for the final, but do not have any influence on the final result.

The final

The final will take place on the site of CLAAS Hungária Kft in Törökszentmiklós, Hungary. The working principle described in the design documentation submitted previously must not be changed during the implementation phase, i.e. the answers to the requirements must not change in respect of the specification given in the competitive design. Please send your questions regarding the competition rules and other professional topics to info@unitechcompetition.com.

Detailed rules


The registered teams of 2017/2018 school year. If you want to be one of them, click to the Registration menu. If you would like to get to know the teams and get the latest news, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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24 Team Alibi Pannon Egyetem
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The Earth’s population exceeds seven billion today. We shall be as much as eight billion people in 2025. Life is based on food therefore agriculture is the most important economic sector in the world.
The German family-owned CLAAS Group, having approximately 11,000 employees worldwide, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. CLAAS has been standing at the forefront of agricultural technologies and services for more than 100 years now. Innovation, strict and consistent quality policy, customer orientation: the Group represents high quality and sets the pace in the competition.
To be in the market leader’s position, you have to sell the most machines. To keep your place as a market leader, you have to manufacture the best machines. This means that we have to be always one step ahead by innovative engineering and marking out milestones in such a way which makes both our customers and competitors dazzled.
Did you know that a CLAAS combine reaps the wheat for every second bread?
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