Play and lead the factory of the future!

The theme of CLAAS UniTech Engineer Competition is a new strategic production simulation. We expecting teams of 2-4 members. Join and build the most effective factory!

The 10 best teams with the most successful virtual factory qualify to the live final, where they can expect practical engineer tasks.
The best team wins 1 000 EUR and 300 EUR flight voucher for each member.

Tisztelt Résztvevők!
A koronavírus miatt kialakult helyzetre figyelemmel, sajnos a CLAAS UniTech Konstruktőri Mérnökversenyt bizonytalan időre felfüggesztjük.
Nem kérjük 2020. márc. 30-ig a videók beküldését és a 2020. április 23-ára meghirdetett döntő is elmarad.
Amint a helyzet engedi, döntést hozunk, hogy a verseny eddigi eredményeivel azt később folytatjuk-e. A fejleményekről értesíteni fogjuk Önöket.
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CLAAS Hungária Kft.

21st March 2019 23:59

We expect teams of 2-4 of engineer students for the CLAAS UniTech simulation competition.

13th – 14th March 2019

You can try new online CLAAS production simulation without risk. Teams with at least 2 team members can participate in the test round.

15th – 29th March 2019

Teams are playing with the CLAAS production simulation with 4 decision turns as qualification.

2nd April 2019

The 10 most successful teams are advance to the live final.

10th April 2019

The teams measure their knowledge at the CLAAS Headquarter at Törökszentmiklós. During the day we provide catering, the travelling to the final is the responsibility of the teams.


1. placed
1 000 EUR
and 300 EUR flight voucher for each member.
2. placed
600 EUR
3. placed
300 EUR
Harvesting practice with CLAAS combine in Hungary

Call for competition 2019

We expect teams of 2-4 of engineer students for the CLAAS UniTech simulation competition.

The competition has three phases

Test round

The registered teams can try new online CLAAS production simulation and test their strategies without risk. We provide two decision turns in the test round.


The teams re-start the simulation after the test round, every team has the same starting company. There are 4 decision turns at the qualification. After the 4th turn, the performance index will show the order of the teams. The 10 most successful teams are advance to the live final. The profitability, the order fulfilment, the quality are the resultants of the performance index. Detailed information is published at the beginning of the test round.

Live final

The 10 best teams compete for the prizes with professional tasks at the headquarter of CLAAS in Törökszentmiklós.

Detailed rules


The registered teams of 2019 school year. If you want to be one of them, click to the Registration menu. If you would like to get to know the teams and get the latest news, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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30 OE BGK Óbudai Egyetem
29 OEBÁNKI Óbudai Egyetem
28 Claas-minute Szent István Egyetem
27 etil alakulat Óbudai Egyetem
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The Earth’s population exceeds seven billion today. We shall be as much as eight billion people in 2025. Life is based on food therefore agriculture is the most important economic sector in the world.
The German family-owned CLAAS Group, having approximately 11,000 employees worldwide, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. CLAAS has been standing at the forefront of agricultural technologies and services for more than 100 years now. Innovation, strict and consistent quality policy, customer orientation: the Group represents high quality and sets the pace in the competition.
To be in the market leader’s position, you have to sell the most machines. To keep your place as a market leader, you have to manufacture the best machines. This means that we have to be always one step ahead by innovative engineering and marking out milestones in such a way which makes both our customers and competitors dazzled.
Did you know that a CLAAS combine reaps the wheat for every second bread?
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