The Earth’s population exceeds seven billion today. We shall be as much as eight billion people in 2025. Life is based on food therefore agriculture is the most important economic sector in the world.

The German family-owned CLAAS Group, having approximately 11,000 employees worldwide, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. CLAAS has been standing at the forefront of agricultural technologies and services for more than 100 years now. Innovation, strict and consistent quality policy, customer orientation: the Group represents high quality and sets the pace in the competition.

To be in the market leader’s position, you have to sell the most machines. To keep your place as a market leader, you have to manufacture the best machines. This means that we have to be always one step ahead by innovative engineering and marking out milestones in such a way which makes both our customers and competitors dazzled.

Did you know that a CLAAS combine reaps the wheat for every second bread?

LEXION 780 is the most robust CLAAS corn combine.

Did you know that every second farm in the world uses a CLAAS machine for harvesting fodder?

JAGUAR is by far the most successful forage harvester sold in the highest quantity, having a market share of more than 50% worldwide.

Did you know that baling is one of our “strengths”?
QUADRANT model 3400 has heavier duty as any other baler in the world.

These are only three of the many reasons due to which CLAAS employees are proud of their work.

The Hungarian factory is located at Törökszentmiklós, it is the development and manufacturing center of cutterbars and cutterbar transporting vehicles that can be installed on combines, which provides a stable and challenging work for almost 600 employees.

You may ask with good reason why do we support the UniTech engineer competion?

Because we are professionally committed.
Because we believe in the importance of the engineering profession.
Because we cultivate the engineering profession at a high level. World-class. And we think that you aspire to this, too!

Because we think that you are interested in and will apply for the program, together with your team, and you are, 

Because you are someone,

And what do we offer to You if you applied?

A real test, where it is not only the individual that counts, but also the team: there is no such thing that you or me, only we!
A series of competitions where you can be more and more proud of yourself after each turn!
A final, which is inspiring and is all for You, all about You!

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